New intervention of the Mountain Rescue Service and Appeal to the public

Tonight at 5:35 pm, the Mountain Rescue Service operational center received a call for retrieving a stuck vehicle driven by Hungarian citizens, on the pass of the regional road Ohrid – Oteshevo. This is not the first such intervention since the beginning of the year. The Mountain Rescue Service, on several occasions before, while performing its regular activities, has been pulling out stuck vehicles on this road, which mostly is due to the drivers’ negligence, who do not respect the ban for moving on this road in winter conditions, as well as the inadequate equipment of their vehicles for driving in winter conditions.

The Ohrid Red Cross Mountain Rescue Service uses a significant part of its resources and volunteer work for such interventions, which are caused by the negligence of individuals, so we appeal to the public to understand and respect what we do, which will help us be prepared to act in serious mountain accidents when our resources are crucial to saving human lives.

We appeal to the citizens to strictly observe the traffic rules and regulations for the use of this road, which is not maintained in winter, due to which is partially closed to traffic. The road leading to the picnic spot Korita is allowed for traffic but due to the often not proper maintenance of this section as well, it is completely covered with ice and it’s not safe for traffic. The citizens are advised to adapt to the road conditions, or not to use it at all if they’re not properly equipped for snow and ice.

We appeal to the authorities to regularly maintain the section to the picnic spot Korita or to completely ban traffic on this road, which is obviously a serious threat to the safety of drivers and their passengers.

We wish you a safe stay in nature.