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For effective and quick reaction of the service in need of mountain rescue.

Be safe while enjoying the mountain. With our individual or group vouchers you have our mountain service available 24/7.

* The service is free of charge for residents with permanent adress from the following regions:
Ohrid, Struga, Resen, Debar

Services of the Mountain Rescue Service

In addition to emergency rescue in mountainous and inaccessible places, the Mountain Rescue Service secures sports recreational events on the mountain, as well as provides workers with height protection services, performs preventive safety checks at high and inaccessible places and similar assisting in the performance of height works.

Please contact our contact addresses for further information.

The Mountain Rescue Service of the Red Cross Ohrid is a voluntary, humanitarian organization that finances its smooth operation by providing donations from individuals and legal entities. If you would like to help with the work of the Service, you can do the following:

By donating to our bank account

By buying souvenirs with the logo of the Service

Please contact our contact addresses for further information.



The overall objective of this Project was to contribute to the development of adventure tourism in the Lake Ohrid cross border region by increasing the safety of domestic and foreign visitors. Therefore, the specific objectives were to establish two rescue services for land and water for efficient interventions in cases of emergency, Mountain rescue service in Ohrid and Water rescue service in Pogradec. A modern rescue and training centre for the Mountain Rescue Service was opened in Ohrid. Specialized equipment for mountain and water rescue was purchased and is already in use…


The Action is designed to further promote socio-economic development of the wider Ohrid-Prespa cross border region through sustainable tourism development, with particular attention to creating business opportunities both for the urban and rural areas of the wider region by diversification of the tourist offer and promotion of high safety standards in tourism. With a set of proposed infrastructural improvements, product development and promotion, capacity building measures and strengthened cross border stakeholder cooperation new safe tourism products in Ohrid–Prespa…