Sixth MRS intervention since the beginning of the year

At 9:00 am, the Operational Center of the Mountain Rescue Service received a call from a citizen about an accident that happened to his friend during a fall on rocky terrain, while they were collecting forest fruits. To locate the scene of the accident, the SMS location system was used, which was established within the project “Ohrid Lake Region – Safe Destination for Adventure Tourism”, funded by the European Union, cross-border cooperation program MK-AL. Immediately after locating the crash site, two MRS teams headed to the scene and arrived at 10:35 am. The injured person was immediately given first aid, heavy bleeding was stopped and immobilization of the whole body was performed, after which a complex procedure for transport and evacuation of the injured person started. Due to the inaccessibility of the terrain, the carried out action for evacuation of the injured person was one of the more complex actions including 7 rescuers and appropriate equipment for rescue on a delicate terrain. At 13:50, after 3 hours and 15 minutes, the injured person was evacuated and handed to the Emergency Medical Service. He was provided with professional medical care on the spot, after which he was transferred to an appropriate health institution for further treatment.

With this sixth in a row intervention, we are approaching a record average of one intervention per month, which once again indicates the need for an efficient rescue system on a mountain and inaccessible terrain, especially in the regions where various forms of adventure tourism are developed.

We take this opportunity to once again express our gratitude for the sacrifice of the volunteers from the Mountain Rescue Service at the Red Cross Ohrid, as well as the members of the MoI Ohrid and the Emergency Medical Service, who are always maximally committed to helping the Mountain Rescue Service.

We wish the injured person a speedy recovery, and once again we appeal to all lovers of the mountain and nature, who move in the border region around Lake Ohrid, to bring with them appropriate equipment, first aid, and mobile phones with a fully charged battery, on which they will previously install the application for quick alert of MRS or will memorize the special number for SOS calls 13-112, on which 24 hours, 7 days a week can turn for help.

Intervention for rescuing an injured person in a car accident

Today, at 11:45 am, the operational center of the Ohrid Red Cross Mountain Rescue Service received a call from the Emergency Medical Service at the Ohrid Health Center, for assistance in retrieving an injured person, who fell out of the regional road Ohrid – Resen, near the village of Svinjishta. The MRS Operations Center immediately mobilized two teams, completely equipped for rescuing on a complex technical field. They arrived at the scene at 12:15, and immediately started pulling out the injured. Fortunately, he was conscious, but with severe limb injuries. Members of the Territorial Firefighting Unit from Ohrid arrived before at the scene of the accident and were the first to approach the injured and assisted in the rescue operation.

This intervention is the fifth in a row since the beginning of this year, which once again confirms the need for an efficient system for rescuing on a mountain and on inaccessible terrain, which is necessary for the most delicate operations to save human lives.

Ohrid Red Cross MRS congratulates and expresses its gratitude to all its members/volunteers for their sacrifice in this, as well as in past actions, especially those carried out in the period from the beginning of the corona virus pandemic when despite all other dangers, personal security is further compromised. We would also like to express our special gratitude to the members of Territorial Firefighting Unit Ohrid who gave their best to help our Service. We believe that ours and their motto is “Together we are stronger.”

We wish the injured in this serious traffic accident good health and a speedy recovery.

Mountain Rescue Service intervention on the Baba pass, mount Galicica

The Mountain Rescue Service, in the evening hours, was pulling out a car stuck on the Baba pass on Mount Galicica. Performing regular training activities and check-ups of the terrain and mountain conditions, tonight the Mountain Rescue Service team found a car stuck with two passengers at the Baba pass and assisted in pulling it out of the snow with an off-road vehicle. This pass of the road R-2332, through the mountain Galicica, is completely blocked off the snow. The MRS appeals to mountain lovers and winter adventurers to be extremely careful on this road, which currently has heavy snowfalls, frozen ground, and landslides, jeopardizing the safety of road users. We also remind you that the same road is restricted in winter, with only 9 km of traffic allowed, from Trpejca to Korita picnic area, while the rest is closed to traffic.

Ohrid Red Cross Mountain Rescue Service intervention

At 13:46 pm today, the Mountain Rescue Service received a notification from the Ministry of Interior Ohrid about an accident on rocky and inaccessible terrain in the “Labino” area. A team of six mountain rescuers arrived at the scene immediately, but unfortunately due to the severity of the fall and the seriousness of the injuries, it was impossible to do anything to save the life of the injured person. After falling from a high altitude, the victim’s body was found near the lakeside shore, where, with the support of a border police boat, the death was confirmed by an Emergency medical team, after which an appropriate inspection was conducted to determine the causes of the fall. The Ohrid Red Cross Mountain Rescue Service regrets the unfortunate event and appeals to all nature lovers to be especially careful when moving on rocky and steep terrain, where low temperatures lead to ice and danger of slipping, with potential for serious consequences.

The first rescue intervention for the Mountain Rescue Service in 2020

On 13th of December, 2020 at 13:50, Red Cross Ohrid Mountain Rescue Service received a call for assistance by SVR Ohrid, for the evacuation of an injured person in an accident caused by a tractor on inaccessible mountain terrain. A four-man team immediately headed to the village of St. Openica, Ohrid, where they assisted the Emergency Medical Team in successful evacuation, immobilization, and transport of the injured person in the terrain vehicle, who sustained severe body injuries and was transported to the Special Orthopedics and Traumatology Hospital “St. Erasmus of Ohrid” for further treatment. The action ended at 14:59.

Another intervention, seventh in a row

Today at 1:11 pm, the Ohrid Red Cross Mountain Rescue Service received a call from a group of mountain bikers from the Netherlands, who reported that their friend sustained injuries on the right hip in a crash near Trpejko plain, south-east of Pestani. A three-man crew of MRS immediately went out on the field, and in a short time the person was located, immobilized and transported to the village of Pestani, where at 14:45 was transfered by the Emergency Medical Aid vehicle to the Special Orthopedics Hospital Sv. Erasmus in Ohrid.