Promotional snow adventure on Galichica

Although late spring, the great snow conditions on Galichica enabled excellent snowy association with young Ohrid Red Cross volunteers, athletic club Ohrid TrchaT, and their parents. Last weekend, in the area around the mountain hut Spiridon on Galichica, the members of the Alpine club Patagonia Ohrid and Mountain Rescue Service hosted more than 30 guests, for which they organized unforgettable snowy adventures, fun but also educational.

It was a promotion of the Mobile Winter Adventure Park, a completely new offer for the visitors, that the Alpine club Patagonia Ohrid will offer not only in the area around the mountain hut Spiridon on Galichica and the new mountain hut in the village of Brezani, but also in other places suitable for that.

For the needs of this new touristic offer, which is within the project New Opportunities for Safe Winter Adventures, 30 sets of equipment (containing snowshoes, crampons, snow shovels, avalanche probes, as well as snowpack study and research kits) were procured. Combined with the alpinists’ skills of this club, this equipment will enable the visitors to experience unforgettable adventures with lots of fun but also education.

This promotional activity and the procured equipment for the needs of the Alpine Club Patagonia are funded by the EU, IPA program for cooperation with Albania, and the Macedonian Ministry of Local Self-government, with the aim of enriching the touristic offer, prolonging the touristic season, affording sustainability of the club’s activities, as well as an example for new contents, enabling sustainable use of nature in protected areas and national parks.