Rescue intervention for a lost berry picker

According to our statistics, the MRS receives several SOS calls for lost or injured berry pickers, in the period of May-June. We received such a call today at 5:15 p.m. from citizens, who reported that their relative due to the storm that hit the region this afternoon was disoriented on the mountain and in hypothermia. Fortunately, the person had a full battery on his mobile phone and access to the mobile network almost throughout the operation and was in constant contact with the Operational Center, who gave him instructions and tried to locate him. In parallel, a seven-member team of MRS with an off-road vehicle headed to the high parts of the mountain, in order not to waste time from the location to the possible interception of the person.

After receiving the call, the Operational Center informed the police, who also went to the field with a patrol. After a short time, the person informed that he came to a wide dirt road.  In communication with the team, it was decided to move down the road, which according to the description should go down to the village of Velgoshti. Later that was confirmed and at 07:17 pm, the person went out on asphalt road, where he was greeted by the patrol of the SIA Ohrid.

The most common causes for straying and injuring among berry pickers are unstable meteorological conditions, poor readiness, and equipment, as well as the underestimation of mountains. Therefore, we appeal to special attention, regular monitoring of meteorological forecasts, movement in groups of at least two people, proper equipment, carrying sufficient amounts of food and fluids, as well as mobile phones with full batteries. In case of any accidents, it is of great importance to quickly and timely alert the MRS, to prevent further complications of the situation.