Rescue training on non-technical mountainous terrain in Gramsh, R. Albania

Within the Project “New opportunities for safe winter adventures”, financed by EU, IPA Program for cross-border cooperation with Albania, members of the Ohrid Red Cross Mountain Rescue Service, together with partners from the Municipality of Gramsh, organized training for rescue on non-technical mountainous terrain for the needs of the fire service from Gramsh.

The training took place near the Sotira waterfall, below Mount Tomoros slopes. This is a continuation of the training process, which began last year in the MRS training center in Ohrid. The purpose of the training is to train the firefighters from Gramsh for the correct use of the specialized equipment for rescue, as well as for safe performance of rescue operations on non-technical mountain terrain.

With this training and the new specialized equipment and vehicles, procured for the fire service from Gramsh within the project, the capacities of this Service will be significantly improved. The Gramsh firefighters will be able to deal with forest fires more successfully in the future, which are a frequent occurrence in this rural municipality, and will be able to provide self-help in case of accidents during their activities. It will also increase their efficiency and safety in interventions for injured tourists, who visit the mountains in this truly picturesque region in increasing numbers.

With the implemented project activities, the municipality of Gramš, as a partner in the project, establishes a serious basis for the development of adventure tourism, for which it really has great natural potential. We enjoyed the beautiful nature and the friendship with the firefighters and had the opportunity to exchange many useful experiences from our everyday lives. We also get to see for ourselves the culinary skills of the local residents of the mountain villages, who are already ready to welcome tourists in the coming season.