MRS puts its capacities at disposal in efforts for alleviating the consequences caused by Corona crisis

At the initiative of the Mayor of Ohrid, Mr. Konstantin Georgievski, and in accordance with the measures and recommendations of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, a coordination meeting was held today, at which a decision was made to establish mobile teams from the Red Cross Ohrid and the local self-government. The task of these teams will be to search for the elderly and infirm, people with disabilities, and all those who will need help and any other support in the municipality of Ohrid, in order to meet their needs for food supplies, hygiene products, and medicines, every day, from 08:00 till 16:00.

For these activities, the Mountain Rescue Service makes available the SOS number 13-112, the Operational Center, vehicles, and some of the volunteers that will be part of the mobile teams.

In addition to this SOS number 13-112, the citizens will be able to contact the phones of the Ohrid Red Cross, 046 / 261-909, and 070 / 315-309.

Despite the additional activities and given the Government’s recommendations for the reduced activity of the citizens, the Ohrid Red Cross Mountain Rescue Service is still fully prepared to respond in case of mountain accidents on the territory it covers.

With sincere wishes for a speedy overcoming of this crisis,

Sincerely yours,

Mountain Rescue Service