Ohridnews video interview with the President of the ICAR Territorial Rescue Commission, Mr. Gebhard Barbisch from Austria

On May 4, the President of the ICAR Territorial Rescue Commission, Mr. Gebhard Barbish from Austria, visited the MRS Operational Center at the invitation of the National Union for Mountain Rescue, the Association ASKLEPIUS, and the Ohrid Red Cross Mountain Rescue Service.

The purpose of the visit was to acquaint Mr. Barbish with the implementation of the ICAR recommendations, the readiness of the National Union for Mountain Rescue for the transformation of ICAR membership with a higher degree as a national organization operating throughout the country, as well as the problems and the challenges we face, especially in terms of institutional support from state and local governments.

This visit was of great importance because we had the opportunity to hear from Mr. Barbisch, who has decades of experience in mountain rescue in Austria and worldwide as an active part of the ICAR structures, very useful advice on how to improve our position in society, as well as to ensure sustainability.

Mr. Gebhard Barbisch gave a short but very concise interview to the renowned Ohridnews portal about the mission and recommendations of ICAR, the organizational models of the rescue services worldwide, the advantages of the volunteer concepts, which are applied in 90% of the countries, as well as about the importance of institutional identification and support at the local and national level.

For this, we thank the Ohridnews portal, because it regularly follows our work and thus provides significant media support for the efforts we make.

Барбиш: Планинското спасување е тимска работа, македонските волонтери треба да го одберат најдобриот модел на организирање