Assistance to support sailing in Ohrid and to raise environmental awareness for sustainable use of natural resources

Today, in the early morning hours, we assisted the Ohrid sailing community in lowering vessels in the Ohrid Lake. For years, they’re facing an absurd problem due to the lack of a modern marina for storing their vessels, called lake pearls. They are forced to keep them in the fields, few kilometers away from the lake, lifting and lowering them every following season.

As promoters of sustainable tourism and the struggle to preserve the environment for future generations, we share the same fate with sailors. Sharing their strong enthusiasm, we actively joined in their efforts and struggle for as many sailboats as possible in Lake Ohrid, instead of petrol vessels.

Besides enthusiasm, another common thing we have with the sailors is the lack of support by the local and state authorities, which even more motivates us to support and help each other.

Again, we are at disposal of all nature lovers and promoters of environmentally sustainable forms of tourism in our city. As before, we will continue, within our capabilities, to help such activities for free.

Always here for Ohrid and the people of Ohrid,

Your Mountain Rescue Service