Food and medicine delivery in the area of v. Svinjishta

Yesterday, the Operational center of the Ohrid Red Cross MRS received a call for help in delivering food and medicine for a family of sheep breeders, living 3 km away from the village of Svinjishta, Ohrid. The recent snowfalls have made even more difficult their living conditions, far from civilization, without electricity and water. The family, whose basic income is from their flock of seventy sheep, says that there have been heavy snowfalls before, but they have not had any problems. This year due to delays in livestock subsidies and the snow in the early spring, their food, and medicine supplies are running low, as well as the stocks of food for the sheep flock. The Ohrid Red Cross Mountain Rescue Service, in cooperation with the service for social humanitarian activity, today visited the family and delivered food aid, hygiene items, blankets, rubber boots, as well as necessary medicines.

On this occasion, the Mountain Rescue Service used the newly purchased ATV vehicles, equipped with caterpillars for easy movement in snowy conditions, procured within the project “New Opportunities for Safe Winter Adventures”, funded by the European Union, IPA cross-border cooperation program MK/AL. We take this opportunity again to thank the European Union and the EU Delegation in Skopje for their support.

The efficiency and mobility of MRS are of great importance for alleviating the people’s suffering, as well as for encouraging the population to turn to nature, with recreation, sports or some economic activity, stockbreeding, or adventure tourism. The knowledge that there is always a solution to the problems when the situation gets out of control and the sense of security provided by our rescue service is a key factor in achieving these activities.

We also appeal to the local authorities to get involved as soon as possible with the concrete support of the MRS, because the citizens deserve it. A modern and efficient mountain rescue system is not a luxury, but an elementary need and demonstration of responsibility to one’s own people, especially to those who in rural areas struggling alone with all challenges, far from the benefits of modern civilization in cities.