A short but very important meeting with Mr. Vlatko Jovanovski, Head of the Secretariat of DPPI SEE

Mr. Vlatko Jovanovski, Head of the Secretariat of DPPI SEE – Disaster Preparedness and Prevention Initiative for South-Eastern Europe, visited today the MRS Operational and Training Center.

To Mr. Jovanovski were presented the capacities of MRS and a discussion was made about the current situation in the field of rescue and protection in our country, the need for changes in legislation, and addressing this area in accordance with European practices and regulations. The recent refusal of the Municipality of Ohrid to participate in the financial sustainability of the Service was also discussed and was assessed as a bad signal in the efforts in providing security for the citizens and visitors in the region.

Mr. Jovanovski expressed strong support for the mission we are implementing, encouraged us to continue our efforts to ensure sustainability through the budgets of local and state institutions, and pointed out a number of options for ensuring financial stability and training of volunteers, through available funds, until a final institutional solution.

We sincerely thank Mr. Vlatko Jovanovski for the visit and the praise, which mean a lot to us as a support to the path we have chosen, through overcoming obstacles and opening doors for implementation of modern European practices in our country.